Cape Cod to Carlsbad | A Themed Mixtape How-to

Cape Cod to Carlsbad | A Themed Mixtape How-to

Scheels commercials instruct you to find your passion. Well Scheels, I have found my passion: themed mixed cd’s and themed parties for all. Feel free to hire me as your dj for your next themed party- but not really because I don’t know how to be a dj.  Yet. I’m sorry Scheels golf man, my passion is not finding the perfect club to perfect my approach shot- it’s themed mixtape (CDs). Now that I have found my passion, I will share it with you.
A Themed CD How To
1.) Pick your theme- good theme ideas: holidays, seasons, books, emotions, people.

2.) Construct your playlist- songs that fit you theme: ex. The Cramps and The Black Angels are an excellent choice for a Halloween mixtape (CD). Always remember to include at least one psychedelic song from the 1960s no matter what the theme.

3.) Name your mixed tape (CD)- past creations include: Morose Mixtape, Emotions of School, The Electric Kool-Aid English Class.

4.) Select or draw artwork pertaining to your theme- it’s like an outfit, the right amount of embellishment and accessories makes it all the better.

5.) Give it to the ones you love, or your worst enemies- after all, a carefully constructed and decorated CD speaks louder than words (I’d like to think being that I don’t really talk).
A Field Guide to This Mixtape
1.) The Theme:

The theme to this mixtape is summer. Summer is a very broad category, so I have narrowed the theme to a more retro sound of summer. You know like The Beach Boys, but not The Beach Boys. There’s no Beach Boys to be found on this mixtape. Sorry to disappoint if Pet Sounds is your most favorite record.


2.) The Playlist:

This playlist provides a sampling of some of the finer summery things in life. Featuring songs by: Bear Hands, Mac Demarco, Cayucas, The Kooks, Vampire Weekend, The Black Angels (they’re like spooky surfer vibe that’s flexible for both beach parties and halloween parties), Blondie and of course, the obligatory psychedelic hippie touch brought to you by Donovan.


3.) The Name:

Cape Cod to Carlsbad- a dual coast summery selection.


4.) The Theme Enhancing Artwork:

A 70s beachy-keen photograph by Hugh Holland.


5.) The Dedication:

To you, love me: you might be my loved one. You might be my enemy. You’ll never know, so enjoy this mixtape.

Giants | Bear Hands

Freaking Out the Neighborhood | Mac Demarco

Cayucos | Cayucas

High School Lover | Cayucas

Denis | Blondie

East Coast Girl | Cayucas

She Moves in Her Own Way | The Kooks

Holiday | Vampire Weekend

Diplomat’s son | Vampire Weekend

Sunshine Superman | Donovan

One (Blake’s Got A New Face) | Vampire Weekend

Campus | Vampire Weekend

Telephone | The Black Angels



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